I dread shopping. I detest everything about it: the walking, the looking, the trying on, the taking off, the looking in the mirror, the asking of your friend, the calling of the attendant, leaving the store with nothing, going to the store next door and repeating the exact some routine. It’s such a drag.

“The day I become wealthy enough, the very first thing I’ll do is find a stylist who understands me. My style, my taste, my look, my flaws, my strengths, I would be very happy to pay them if they delivered exactly what I’d like. Provided I don’t have to shop again in my life, I’m good,” that’s what I sing to anyone who has ever coerced me into taking them shopping. Hey, I’m a sucker for convenience, don’t judge.

But there’s always an exception, eih? I hate shopping…unless it’s online…and unless I’m shopping from Light In The Box.

Sometime in November last year, I received an email from LITB, apparently I was in their mailing list. I wouldn’t have paid attention to that email were it not for all the images that were calling for me to look at them in detail, and that’s how my  love affair with LITB started.

Since my aunt was visiting, and she needed to take a whole bunch of people some gifts, the shopping began: dresses, shorts, pants, sandals, sneakers, jackets, jewelry…anything we wanted, was available and delivered  from LITB within 3 days, literally.

LITB manufacture their own products, which are quite often replicas of original brand products, but at a far more cheaper price. You can get anything from clothes, to accessories, to homeware, shoes and phones. Almost anything. At an unbelievably cheap price and at an even more mind-boggling speed.



Sign up – They constantly have items on sale. I’ve seen a gold ring go from $65 to $4. And a watch go from $115 to $14. Your best shot at grabbing items when on sale is by signing up. Light In The Box sends you frequent notifications without spamming your email.

Shop around – It is very possible to grab the very first item you see. Shop around first, there will be heaps of more attractive things at your disposal. You can then later sass out your options and get your best buy.

Reviews –  When shopping online, reviews are key. Almost every item has some reviews. Go through them, they serve as a perfect guide. You are able to decide if you want to buy that phone or not after seeing what the other buyers said. You would know whether to buy that shoe a standard size up (highly recommended) or just go with the size that’s given.  Or you would know whether a sweater is too small or too big from what it appears on the photos depending on what people say. Read the reviews, they help.

Customer Service – The customer service is very professional and very efficient.  For any queries whatsoever, there’s a ticket section on every account. Grab a ticket and make your query then be patient, you will be assisted.

Shipping: Most items are shipped from China, but this could differ depending on your exact item.

Delivery – They use Fedex, DHL, UPS and a few others I can’t remember. They don’t deliver to P.O.Boxes, only street addresses, but someone had a phone delivered to Sudan the other day, so I’m sure there’s a way you can work it out (probably try contacting your closest DHL office).

Payment– Payment is via all major cards, Mastercard, Visa, American Express, also Western Union (I think?) and Paypal. Should you order a phone, keep in mind that they’ll ask you to verify your cards by sending photo ID’s, this could get you worried but they are basically trying to “protect the profits of the true card holder.” Again, it’s all legit. My experience with ordering the phone was a bit frustrating (sending ID details wasn’t mentioned anywhere and after wasting time waiting and sending an email to customer service, only until then was I informed of this requirement) but customer service eventually streamlined everything for me.

Rewards: For every item you buy and receive, you’re always asked to review. If you’re like me, you’ll probably  a)be too excited your item arrived to review or b) just can’t be bothered reviewing anything. But here’s the catch, for every item you review, you get a 3% (more or less) reward that you could use on your next purchase.

Limits – Know your limit. On New Year’s day, this is what my friend said: “Oh my god I have to stop looking! I am so tempted to buy everything here.” She was right. Because of their extra ordinary quality items at extra ordinary rates, you can easily get sucked in and spend all you little (many) monies on there. Know your limit.

Legitimacy – Okay, look, while I am big on sharing all things awesome, I have to remind myself not to shove my new-found miracles down everyone’s throats. I was telling a friend the other day about the Triton Pad – (coolest phone I have ever bought, at a bizarre price, and yet I’m not one to be easily impressed with technological gadgets) and I told him its functioning is very similar to the Samsung Note 3. He told me he’s been looking for the SN3, I then told him LITB have their own Note. It’s basically the same thing, except bigger without the label “Samsung” and just named differently, “Triton Pad” as opposed to “Note 3.”

Then I broke it down for him, I told him, if I walked into a mall today, to get a SN3 upfront, I would have to do away with over $1300 at least. Whereas to get the Triton Pad from Light In The Box, I’m only forking out less than $200. Then I asked him, is that label “Samsung” really all that important? He went all cynical: oh, why would they manufacture their own stuff and imitate the originals, oh how trustworthy are they, oh why this, that and the other…very understandable.

So here’s the thing: LITB are legit. Their deals are too good to be true but they are true. It is also only the people on the know who get the benefits of their extremely low rates because they don’t do much advertising.  And also, they don’t need you to believe them. They are offering what they’re offering, take it or leave it. I’ve been with them three months now, all I can say is, I wish I discovered them sooner.



Contact: They can’t be contacted via phone, which can be such pain, but they do reply to ticket messages within one working day.

Product Satisfaction: As with all kinds of online shopping, the product may not be exactly as you expected, especially if it’s clothes. They might be too big or too small or too buffy…bare this in mind, and have your expectations in check. However, if you really are dissatisfied with your product, you can leave a review and they will return some of your money.

Gadgets: They have phones, cameras, headphones and the likes, but the last time I checked, they weren’t selling laptops/computers yet…such a bummer.

Delivery Time: I am incredibly impatient, so I generally try and pay for the expedited shipping which delivers within 3 days worldwide. But if you’re happy to wait, or the pocket really isn’t in your favour, you can go for the Super Saver option, which is zero dollars for shipping and you have to wait 10-20 days for your item to arrive.

You can check them out a bit more on their  website here.


Here’s the Triton Pad:

2014-01-14 15.23.24

The phone comes in white and orange.

2014-01-14 15.27.24

2014-01-14 15.25.24

2014-01-14 15.31.56

2014-01-14 15.34.42

2014-01-14 15.35.00

2014-01-14 15.37.03

It comes with two batteries, a charger, a universal adapter and earphones.That’s (the white item beside it) not really a cover, the one disadvantage with the phone is it doesn’t come with a cover/case. I’m still trying to figure out what that is because it’s too light, almost papery, to function as a cover.

2014-01-14 15.38.48

The back of it is, as you would expect, a pad, which makes the speaker sound funny. I might just need some time to get used to it though and it’s also not really that much a deal breaker for me either.

2014-01-14 15.39.36

The size is remarkable! Especially if you use the internet a lot…it’s phone heaven. Perfectly user-friendly, easy to text, conducive when reading stuff and fantastic to watch videos on. It’s also very very light. Bonus!

2014-01-14 15.40.01

It’s a dual-sim phone by the way, lest I forget.




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